Katie and Rick's Wedding

Our Story

One Cold Night

Rick - It was a cold February evening. Katie and I had been dating for a few whirlwind weeks. We rode around Westminster, MD in my 1966 Valiant with a bench seat, no heat, and holes in the floor. We’d had late nights talking at Denny’s, weekend excursions to anywhere we could think of, and a Valentine’s day dinner at Harry’s on main street.

I’d get to work at five in the morning after a night out until two, and then do it again the next day. Making a three way commute from home in Overlea, to work in South Baltimore, to McDaniel College every day. I don’t think I stopped talking about Katie to everyone around me until I was actually talking to Katie.

There's a Trick

Katie - I had just returned from a long day of working with a rambunctious group of dogs where I assisted in a doggie daycare. I was tired, filthy, smelly, and feeling a bit grumpy. Rick greeted me at the door and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. On the dining room table were several gifts – a stuffed animal, some flowers, and a small wrapped gift.

Although he seemed insistent that I come with him into the dining room right away, I told him I wanted to get a shower and relax first. Begrudgingly, he agreed and went to watch some television while he waited. When I came back, I thanked him for the gifts and noticed he had started playing some music as well.

We began discussing our plans for the evening which was a surprise date to Medieval Times! He finally decided to let me open the wrapped gift. As I began to open it, Rick pulled the box out of my hands, explaining that there was a “certain trick to this.”

He then got down on one knee, revealing a gray jewelry box. I'm not sure what was said after this, but it was probably along the lines of “Katie, marry me?” I looked back and forth between Rick and the ring, unable to speak. Instead, I clutched the ring box for a closer look. More insistently this time, he asked, “will you marry me?” My answer was, “of course I'll marry you!” As an afterthought that evening, I recalled the music he was playing was The Beatles' “When I'm 64,” a subtle hint perhaps, but still totally unexpected to me!

The Bride

Katie is the awesomest person ever. Yarp.

The Groom

Rick is a big bearded dude.

The Big Day

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